Nomads, Kyrgyz and hospitality

Dear kyrgyz people I visited your country in September this year. Your kindness, friendliness, heart-warming generosity was overwhelming. The people we stayed with and most of those who organised the different aspects of our trip were kind and helpful. Thank You We started in Cholpon…

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Jane’s Story

He sat in the corner of the room, his legs stretched out on the bench. His shoulders hunched, defeated. His vacant eyes staring out at nothing in particular, totally dishevelled. In sharp contrast to his sad drawn face, the happy laughter of the children around…

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Friday 13, ferries and fleas

Well it did start with a shiver and shudder for me.. Around 1AM, way too early in the morning.. I was on one of those ferry crossings.. Igouminitsa (a greek mounthful in itself) to Ancona. Later I was to read that Friday 13 has it's…

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