Squares – uphill slog

I feel the year has definitely started on an uphill slog. Trying to be joyful and upbeat is not so easy. The only saving grace for me is that I can get outdoors and physically do the uphill slog before turning round and skiing all the way down.. and it fits Becky’s square UP..

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  1. Oh how lovely. That puts our few inches that we had at the weekend into perspective!

  2. wow now that’s snow hiking. Stunning, and so wonderful to see with you. I am certainly not fit enough to try this at the moment!

  3. Oh what a fantastic photo Lisa. Talk about a winter wonderland 😀

  4. The trip down sounds much nicer. Beautiful scenery!

  5. That looks fabulous, and the climb would probably warm you up. Trouble is, I can’t ski! I’d have to walk back down. Or there’s always my bum! 🙂 🙂

  6. What a beautiful photo.
    One of us are keeping fit 😂😂

  7. It looks phenomenal but I think I’d enjoy the climb up rather than the ski down lol

  8. Oh my! I get wobbly just looking at that photo… but it’s gorgeous! Be careful out there!

  9. Brrr! Beautiful to look at, but … is there an escalator? 😉

  10. That is so breathtaking Lisa, I would love to do that.😊

  11. Great photo and looks like a grand time on skis. Not my strong suit, but I do like cross country skiing.

  12. Stunning picture, Lisa, and it looks like VERY hard work. Slog sounds like a good word to describe it!

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