Georgia, a side trip

We did an overnight visit to Tbilisi, Georgia from Yerevan.. Interesting city, Castle on the hill. Interesting church complexes and a cave city, Vardzia, with over 600 caves that held soldiers and their families at some point in history and also Monasteries and men of God. Giorgi 3 started the cave city and it was finished by Queen Tamar in 1100’s AD. An earthquake in 1283 destroyed the outer walls and so the caves became visible. Did you know that the Georgian flag is the cross of Jesus and then 4 smaller crosses for Mathew, Mark, Luke and John..

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  1. Were the caves natural formations?

    1. No.. a village was created in the 1100’s AD. 600 more caves carved out of the rock.. caves could have existed as there are some scattered around that area.

    1. It is an interesting era..

    1. We missed the lights by night.. I’m sure that would have been even more colourful

    1. Yes and only officially since 2004

    1. It’s a fascinating area..

    1. Definitely want to go back and visit the Caucasus mountains

  2. Great photos and interesting information.

    1. You could explore in that camper van of yours.. 😉

      1. We have done quite a bit of exploring, but it’s good to home again.

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