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Yesterday on my day off I took to the mountains again. I got up really early, drove just over an hour stopping on the way at a bakery I found open and bought a large size ‘pain au chocolat’ for breakfast and a fresh baggette for lunch on top a mountain peak. I drove to Les Contamins/Mont Joie a ski area near Chamonix and by 7AM I was taking my first steps on my days journey. There was no sun’s rays yet and I walked up through a forest and came across a beautiful hamlet Porcherey as the sun came up from behind the high mountains. A man was sitting in the sun on his apple laptop talking to someone and behind him I could see where I was climbing from right to left all along the ridge up the first peak still along the ridge, a long flat section you can’t see and then up to the second peak further left which is in fact much higher up and called Mont Joly.

I walked up to the right behind the house and soon came to a beautiful bench with a view…  with my back to the bench the path straight up hill (Which Way Challenge)

When I got to the top of Mont Joly this was the panoramic view to the one side

I was now going to walk along a long ridge passed Tete de la Combaz, Tete de Veleray ending at Aiguille Croche. The first photo is showing the ridge starting at Mont Joly and ending with the highest little peak right of centre you can see in the distance, Aiguille croche. The second photo is showing a picture looking back along the ridge I just walked to just under that little cloud and to the right the peak of Mont Blanc. I was blessed with a beautiful sunny day and very few hikers.

Heading down I passed a few ski chair lifts and an amazing alpage restaurant that had a long dirt road to get there. I didn’t stop as by then I just wanted to get to my car and head home.. It was a 7h30 walk with photo stops and lunch.. 😉 My garmin told me I was on the move for 6h30

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  1. I am impressed by your level of fitness at high altitude, Lisa! But then – the reward is the incredibly spectacular scenery. Thanks for sharing it with me.

    1. admin

      I love the fact that I can still hike like that.. As long as…. 😉

  2. admin

    Hi TOK.. Thank YOU.. have unticked both boxes now.. will see if that changes commenting options.. 😉

  3. admin

    hahaha not sure about couple but I do love tasting food so hiking helps keep the balance.. 😉

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