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I found this lovely little cricket on the grass on one of my walks recently and thought it was perfect for combining BeckyB’s squares and Nancy Merrill’s photo a week challenge..;-) Jiminy cricket hung around for a photo but refused to talk to me.. 😉

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  1. well isn’t he a smart fellow, even if silent!

    1. He was rather.. certainly kept the pose..

  2. Aww love crickets the sound always reminds me of the Westerns I used to watch when I was a kid, Cheyenne, Laramie, High Chaparral 😂😂

    1. Hahaha they remind me of hot dry climates.. 😉

    1. Thank YOU..

  3. Nature’s camouflage! It is amazing.

    1. Yes nature does the best job..

    1. He did.. I was so lucky.. all the others jumped away.. 😉

    1. Thanks..

        1. Thank YOU..

  4. Great capture, Lisa. I wonder what he would have said if he’d known he was going to be famous. 🙂

    1. What is all the fuss about.. did you know…… 😉

  5. Beautiful photo!
    I haven’t heard a cricket in years ;-(

    1. That cricket sound does remind us of hot and humid.. 😉

  6. Great photo- You have good eyes to spot the cricket amongst the similarly colored grasses.

    1. hahaha it jumped and then sat still.. 😉

  7. I’m surprised you’ve seen the little one in that sea of green.

    1. I’m terrible I always walk with my head down.. I should look up.. 😉

      1. 🙂 In this particular case, I’m glad you haven’t.

        1. Thanks Jo

    1. Thank YOU

  8. I don’t think your grasshopper was posing, more like hiding. Probably thought you couldn’t see him. Little did he know he was the subject of a photo that many many bloggers would see. Great photo, love the brilliant colors.

    1. hahaha Thank YOU.. 😉

  9. Lucky you! The crickets around here always talk! ALWAYS!

    1. hahaha sounds like they screeching at each other.. 😉

    1. Thank YOU Sandy..

    1. Thanks Gail 😉

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