Which Way – Orange Road

I was shovelling snow yesterday afternoon on my garage and veranda and witnessed the most beautiful sunset. The orange of the sky made a reflection on the water/ice on the roads. It was incredible. I’ve never seen it before.. A perfect shot for Alive and trekking which way challenge..

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    1. Thank you.. I’l glad I was outside or might have missed it.. 😉

  1. What a spectacular sunset, Lisa. I guess that was your reward for shoveling snow.

    1. Exactly.. free gym and a beautiful view..

  2. Wow- that’s incredible 🙂 🙂

    1. Definitely out of the ordinary..

    1. Thank YOU Tandy.. Much appreciated.. 😉

  3. That really is a great shot. Your Christmas card is right there for you to send to friends!

    1. Maybe I should create the e-card.. 😉

    1. A place called Montriond in the Alps of France.

  4. What a fabulous photo. The orange with the snow contrast makes it spectacular.

    1. Thank YOU Marsha.. 😉

  5. A winter wonderland, perfect timing and well captured.

    1. Thanks Tok.. Thank goodness I was outdoors.. 😉

  6. Looks like it was arranged just for you: the snow and the glow

  7. Apparently you were meant to see it! Lucky you! Beautiful.

  8. THIS is your view?? Gorgeous! Happy New Year LB!

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