Jane’s Story

He sat in the corner of the room, his legs stretched out on the bench. His shoulders hunched, defeated. His vacant eyes staring out at nothing in particular, totally dishevelled. In sharp contrast to his sad drawn face, the happy laughter of the children around him filled the air. They chatted gaily about what they had planned for today, even though the weather did not look too promising. They joked about fun things they had done yesterday. They were completely oblivious to the mental anguish etched in his sad face and the thoughts going on in his mind at that moment. They were oblivious to his dark mood as they rolled the dice and played their game.
He got up suddenly and walked towards the door. 

“Papa, Papa” they cried but he did not even hear them. His wife looked up from her book and wondered vaguely if anything was worrying her husband on this happy morning on their holiday on the coast of Italy. She had heard his urgent conversation earlier that morning but was used to these little work intrusions while on holiday. Her mind quickly turned back to the frivolous book she was reading with a vague thought on what she would prepare for lunch. 

To be cont…

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