Nomads, Kyrgyz and hospitality

Dear kyrgyz people
I visited your country in September this year. Your kindness, friendliness, heart-warming generosity was overwhelming. The people we stayed with and most of those who organised the different aspects of our trip were kind and helpful. Thank You

We started in Cholpon Ata at the Nomad games and the Ethno village.. The experience was truly amazing. The awesome people we stayed with through Airbnb, Telman who went to great lengths to make sure we were comfortable. We went to the opening games of the Ethno village and due to my friend’s audacity got central seats and a birds eye of the ceremony. Next to a loudspeaker so close that my ears took days to adjust.. And I thought old age was creeping in.. A reporter we said so I had better get to the reporting bit.

The 1000 yurt village was an enormous area of colourful tents, beautifully set tables inside and a privilege to get invited into a few to taste some local foodstuffs

The people wondering around outside, choirs and story telling groups of history passed down through the gossip columns from ages gone by was enchanting albeit not understanding anything but broken conversation with the people on my limited knowledge of the Russian language which in itself certainly helped a lot with the travels.

I wondered around for 2 days completely enthralled at the great open air stage of life in motion happening before my very eyes; beautiful national costume dress, horse riding and even a beauty pageant.

We travelled in local buses to Jyrgalan with Destination Jyrgalan Valley where another exciting adventure awaited us. A 4 day hike which was an amazing introduction to this wonderful valley, trekking with a guide and horses to carry the bags, making new friends. I even got invited into a tent whilst walking early one morning and had their breakfast and tea and limited conversation.. Why was I travelling without my husband, where were my children, what was a woman doing away from home.. 😉


Our last part of the journey was 5 day 4X4 overland trip to the highest lake Issy Kul, beautiful roadside scenery onto Osh and then Arslanbob where I was taken on an amazing hike with Husnidin Abduhalilov a kindly friendly guide with a great sense of humour, awesome hospitality and delicious food.. Even a picnic for the hike.

Awesome travels and highly recommended.

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