Friendly Friday, Contrasts

I love brightly coloured ski jackets that contrast with the snowy surroundings..

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  1. That is an amazing picture. Where is this and how do I get there? 🙂

    1. This is taken from Les Gets, France and the slope in the far distance is Mont Chery.. It is the Porte de Soleil ski area.. closest airport is Geneva.. 😉

    1. Yes.. but from far it’s the ski style that works the best.. 😉

  2. A fabulous image, Lisa. That red jacket just glows against the snow and the background look so surreal.

    1. I love the bright ski jackets adding colour to the white background..

  3. That is an excellent contrast. That color really pops! Thanks for joining in

    1. Thank YOU Amanda.. my pleasure..

  4. Great photo, especially as it was taken in the shade ♥

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