Hiking in my mountains and FOTD

Yesterday was my day off so I got up really early and went for a hike in an area called Bises. It is on the border between France and Switzerland and has beautiful views of mountains and lake Geneva. The first picture looks to France and the 2nd picture to lake Geneva in the distance

I saw so many Ibex laying around and the wild daisies where beautiful. The FOTD for Cee’s photo challenge.

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  1. I love your photos and the goats ♥
    You seem to come awfully close to them !

    1. I was very lucky here.. They were an arms length.. 😉

    1. One of my favourite areas to walk..

  2. What a gorgeous breath taking walk, and gorgeous animals.

    1. I do love my hikes in the mountains..

      1. You are indeed fortunate to be able to take them.

        1. As long as my legs and body works I am happy to live here.. If I couldn’t ski and hike I would move.. 😉

  3. Beautiful! The next time I’m in France or Switzerland I’m going to look you up to show me around. 🙂

    1. That would be an absolute pleasure.. 😉

  4. How beautiful, what a great place to hike. Great photo’s.

    1. I am truly blessed to be here..

  5. Lovely photos. I’ve been to Switzerland and France but I never saw any ibex, fabulous horns.

    1. This little area is known for the Ibex but I was particularly lucky to have so many so close..

    1. You would love it..

    1. It certainly is.. just not enough days off

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