Harley, Hodgson and Ozzie Pink Floyd

Every 2 years we get a Harley Rally in Morzine. Apparently there are 10 000 bikes and about 30 000 people. I love the atmosphere and exciting people watching. 

There are always such interesting characters.. I am not good at people photography because I hate encroaching on someone’s space. Next time I will ask if they mind me taking photos as I got the feeling some of them would love it.. 

We got to see a few different bands. The 2 I went to see was Rodger Hodgson, the Supertramp man and Australian pink Floyd. I was way too far back for Mr Rodger so his photo is off a screen. I went in early for Oz Pink Floyd so had a much better position. These bands are free for all, so really amazing.

There is always interesting shops if you like that sort of thing.. Clothes, leathers, bags, stickers, harley signs, so many stalls. Here are snake skin shoes and helmets are everywhere.

I love the jackets and all the signs and logos they have attached. I even saw one from home. I spoke to him for a few minutes. A man from Europe running a charity of some sorts in South Africa. Lives in SA half the year.

Of all the shots you take some where you always have a favourite. I took a few of this T shirt shop and the man. He just did if for me. So photogenic, a fascinating face.. 😉

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    1. admin

      Haha he was something special to look at.. 😉

    1. admin

      Just looked that up.. a pretty recent series.. 😉

  1. What a fun event, great and unusual photos !
    I agree with you on the last guy and the outfit.
    I think nowadays if you are at an event like this and you are wearing a costume it’s OK to take photos of people.
    I try to make eye contact first with the person and smile, so they know what my plan is and they can look away.
    With children I try to find the parents to get permission.

    1. admin

      That’s a great idea.. Eye contact first.. 😉

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