Back to Namibia… Doodvlei

Also known as Deadvlei. My trip to Namibia was inspired by photographs I had seen of this area and wanted to go and take my own photos.. ;-). Over 800 years ago the trees thrived in this area because water existed. With climate change the area dried up and the movement of dunes in the surrounding area blocked the river water from gaining access. The trees petrified and because it is so dry in this area normal decomposition did not take place.

There are quite a few tourists running around. The tour company drops you off in an area and you get on a desert bus that drives through the sand to a parking on the outskirts of doodvlei. You then walk about 30mins rather slow to doodvlei meaning anyone can make it ;-).

I was horrified when I saw a tourist fill a bottle with the sand.. so much sand you may say but in this day and age to actually want to take part of a heritage area back with you to get thrown out in years to come.. I was shocked.. The coral reefs have been slowly killed off by foragers. We have understanding, we read and yet still we don’t care. There is no one standing around/security to make sure that trees aren’t broken etc.. One day I hope..

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  1. It’s an extraordinary sight, isn’t it? I’ve seen photos before and been equally amazed. 🙂 🙂

    1. admin

      There are some beautiful shots out there.. 😉

  2. Wonderful shots, Lisa. I’ve never been to Namibia, but have seen many photos. Cee is right. It really does look like another planet. 😯

    1. admin

      It is such a great short break when you are in SA.. 😉

    1. admin

      They should start fining people here too.. ;-(

    1. admin

      Been wanting to visit for a while.. so different..

    1. admin

      It certainly is.. needs to be a star wars place..

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