January squares – Lamp lights

January Squares.. BeckyB; Old photo from a little village in France near me.. The street lights where just so quaint..

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  1. And such an unusual glow too – a fabulous #JanuaryLight square

    1. Thank YOU

    1. So amazing to so red lamps.. I had to park the car and take pictures..

    1. Isn’t it just..

    1. a lovely surprise when driving through

    1. hahaha hadn’t thought about that but yes..

    1. Thank YOU

    1. The whole town had these red lamp lights..

  2. My goodness, is this a photograph? It looks like a pen-and-ink drawing. Lovely!

    1. Thanks Selina..

  3. Your photo actually kind of took my breath away. Gorgeous!

    1. Thank YOU.. The cloudy sky complimented well..

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