April Squares, FOTD, Bee on top

Today I combined Becky and Cee’s challenges.. An April squares of Bee on top of a flower.. FOTD. The bees are just having such fun at the moment and their little sacs are so full of pollen.. 😉

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  1. Wonderful to be combined with FOTD, and such a wonderful capture

    1. Thanks Becky.. the bees are in abundance here.. 😉

      1. only just starting to appear here!

        1. It happens so quickly but we have had beautiful weather..

  2. Lisa, this is an awe-inspiring photo of that dandelion. Beautifully captured 😀

    1. Thank YOU Cee.. I have nothing else to do but stalk my surroundings.. 😉

    1. Thank YOU Ruth.. 😉

  3. They surely are! It’s not often I wish to be a bee 🙂 🙂

    1. Yes more freedom than us at the moment.. 😉

    1. Thank YOU Tandy.. I certainly enjoyed the chocolate after 40 days of none.. 😉

  4. There are quite a lot of dandelions flowering at the moment here.

    1. The bees just love them. Usually would be working so didn’t notice them at this time before.. 😉

    1. Thank YOU Sandy.. 😉

    1. Thank you Sheryl 😉

    1. Thanks Grammy.. 😉

    1. They certainly are having huge fun at the moment, Plenty flowers, plenty bees.. 😉

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