April Squares – tree tops

My little walk in the forest the other day.. I looked up and saw tree tops.. Spring is here and the leaves have that beautiful light green colour. BeckyB April Squares

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    1. Thank YOU.. Sometimes you find things looking up!! 😉

    1. Thanks Ruth.. I copied from others but like the result!!

  1. Wow Beautiful ♥
    Our leaves aren’t out yet, but the grass is turning green.

    1. Ours is beautiful translucent green..

    1. I go mad at home.. 😉

  2. That is a grogeous photo Lisa, I did that the other day also, but no leaves yet.

    1. Thank you.. copied concept and our leaves are stunning!!

    1. One day i’m sure we will be!!

    1. Thank YOU.. 😉

    1. I contemplated but no!!! 😉

  3. So beautiful and fresh- looking! 🙂 🙂

    1. The colours are beautiful at the moment..

  4. My two favorite colors. That’s really an amazing photo. I love walking around this time of year – Spring is so amazing.

    1. Yes the spring is fantastic this year!!

  5. oh I nearly missed this. So gorgeous

    1. Thanks Becky.. Perfect last shot!! 😉

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