Which way, FOTD, a long hike

Am combining the blog with Which Way photo challenge, Alive and trekking and Cee’s FOTD. I was out there hiking for over 9 hours yesterday with a quick drink at a friends as I passed by. The flowers where out of this world. The cows have not been put to pasture yet so the fields are amazing as are the views. I hiked up through this little alpage called Mevonne

Heading off from Mevonne I followed the path made from the tyre marks. First photo I was walking to the ridge just right of centre in the far distance. Closer to the ridge I took a photo looking backwards. The flowers and views were sensational.

Much further along I could not resist this other field of flowers!!

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  1. Oh this is gorgeous!

    1. Thank YOU.. 😉

    1. Yes wayward, but beautiful.. 😉

    1. Take advantage of the day.. 😉

    1. It is beautiful around here!!

  2. Oh it looks like you had a wonderful hike with some extraordinary views 😀

    1. It always takes my breath away no matter how often I do it..

  3. What breathtaking photos! I suspect you know how lucky you are to feast on views like this!

    1. I do.. am truly blessed.. 😉

  4. I’m sure every moment of that walk was spectacular. Nothing like fresh air to revive the soul.

    1. Yes, absolutely..

  5. fabulous landscapes.

    1. Thank YOU Klara..

    1. The weather was just perfect..;-)

  6. Oh.my.god. What a gorgeous hike! No snow! Beautiful shots Lisa!

    1. Yes this hike is slightly lower so no snowy patches..;-)

  7. That is just gorgeous. I would love to be there. 🙂

    1. Anytime.. It is beautiful..

  8. Over 9 hours? I get tired getting out of bed!

    1. hahahaha are you also a round the block man.. 😉

  9. Beautiful photos, what a lovely hike 💕

    1. So nice to be taking advantage of the day.. 😉

    1. Any which way you look here..

  10. Wonderful stunning views. Seems you had a good time!

    1. I certainly did.. 😉

  11. Hi Lisa, where were you? This looks like a meadow in Switzerland or something. Gorgeous and I love the craggy backdrop.

    1. Not to far from Geneva but french alps side.. 😉

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