Col de Grand St Bernard

If you want to rejuvenate the soul then this is the right place to come to for a calming weekend that is spiritual and uplifting. Arriving at the Hospice. There are no cars. Skinning or snow shoe walking!!

The Skinning around to different areas is amazing especially when the weather is so fantastic.. always protected by St Bernard..


I love the wide open spaces. These 2 look just like the statue in the refuge.. 😉

In the morning they wake you with the most beautiful music that filters into the bedrooms. You can choose between private rooms and dormitories. They don’t shove as many people in a room as do most other mountain refuges. They respect space and privacy.. 😉 A road tunnel near the refuge used for skiing in the winter..

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    1. This kind of skiing is the best.. off the beaten tracks.. 😉

    1. You can go there by car in summer.. definitely worth a night.. 😉

    1. Yes.. peace and snow..

    1. Thank YOU

  1. Oh WOW! Lisa your photos are absolutely stunning. It’s not often I have seen that kind of snow,. 😀

    1. Thanks Cee.. when there are no cars and no ski lifts it’s very different.. 😉

  2. Great shots! Looks wonderful there.

    1. Thank YOU Anon.. 😉

    1. Thank YOU.. A bit colder than alligator country.. 😉

  3. Delightful photos, do you ski off from the roofs?

  4. This looks like a fun little getaway!! That tunnel shot is a stunner – nice work!

    1. Thank You it just had perfect light.. 😉

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